Puttick, Professor Steve


Steve Puttick

Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Non-tutorial Fellow

Email: steven.puttick@education.ox.ac.uk

Academic background

Steve is a qualified geography teacher and was previously the head of department at a comprehensive secondary school in Oxfordshire. He holds an MA in Educational Leadership and Innovation from Warwick University, an MSc in Educational Research Methodology and DPhil in Education from the University of Oxford which were funded by an ESRC Studentship. He is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


His research interests focus on teacher education and geography, including recent collaborations developing through the Smart Cities Network for Sustainable Urban Future project which was shortlisted for the 2017 Newton Prize (India).

Current projects include research on climate change education, and the geographies of digital technologies and their roles in teachers’ curriculum making, exploring the journeys through which information travels into school classrooms.

He co-leads the ‘Ordered Human Project’ which, as a sister project of the Durham/Oxford ‘Ordered Universe Project’, is exploring Robert Grosseteste’s philosophy of education.

He is also leading research into written lesson observation feedback in ITE, asking how ‘good teaching’ is discursively constructed through mentors’ written lesson observation feedback.


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More publications on Steve’s Department webpage.