Pyle, Professor David


David Pyle

Supernumerary Fellow, Professor of Earth Sciences 


Website/social media accounts: Website; Twitter

Academic background

University of Cambridge B.A. (Geological Sciences), PhD (Earth Sciences).


Undergraduate: David teaches courses in petrology and volcanology in the Department of Earth Sciences

Graduate: David is Director of the University’s NERC-funded Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research (

Research interests

David is a volcanologist, with a particular interest in reconstructing the processes of eruptions, and understanding the impacts of volcanism on the communities who live on or around volcanoes. David’s work includes engagement with the public, through exhibitions and other activities. His current work focusses on volcanoes in the Caribbean, Ethiopia and Chile.

Recent Publications


David Pyle (2017) Volcanoes: Encounters through the Ages, Bodleian/Chicago. ISBN 9781851244591

DM Pyle, TA Mather, J Biggs (Eds, 2013), Remote-sensing of Volcanoes and Volcanic processes: Integrating observation and modelling, Geological Society, London, Special Publication, 380. ISBN 9781862393622 

Selected Papers (Open Access)

J Barclay, R Few, MT Armijos, JC Phillips, DM Pyle, AJ Hicks, SK Brown, RE Robertson (2019) Livelihoods, wellbeing and the risk to life during volcanic eruptions, Frontiers in Earth Science, 7: 205, doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00205

DM Pyle (2017), Visions of Volcanoes.  19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Ninteenth Century 25,