Rogers, Professor Alex


Alex Rogers

Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science

Teaching Computer Science

Prof. Alex Rogers develops and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches within physical sensor systems to address real-world problems focusing on sustainability. His recent work has addressed future energy systems, such as the smart grid, citizen science platforms, and environmental monitoring, and typically involves the real-world deployment of novel approaches in devices, smartphones or the cloud. He was the co-founder of a home heating advice spin-out, called Joulo, that combined a unique low-cost temperature logger with cloud-based analytics. He maintains the GridCarbon app for monitoring the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid, is searching for the New Forest cicada using smartphones and is developing a low-cost, open-source, acoustic logger, called AudioMoth, for environmental and biodiversity monitoring.

Recent publications

AP Hill, P Prince, EP Covarrubias, CP Doncaster, JL Snaddon, A Rogers (2018) AudioMoth: Evaluation of a smart open acoustic device for monitoring biodiversity and the environment. Methods in Ecology and Evolution,  9(5), pp. 1199-1211. 

D Zilli, O Parson, GV Merrett, A Rogers (2014) A hidden Markov model-based acoustic cicada detector for crowdsourced smartphone biodiversity monitoring.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 51, pp. 805-827

S Ramchurn, P Vytelingum, A Rogers, NR Jennings (2012)

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