Salisbury, Dr Helen


Helen Salisbury

Non-stipendiary Lecturer in Medical Sciences

Academic background

I joined the Health Experience Research Group in May 2011 to provide medical oversight of and input into the work of the researchers, attending the planning meetings for new projects and helping the researchers with medical background. I also work with a small team updating the Healthtalkonline website and ensuring its medical accuracy.
I also work half time as a GP in Oxford.


I am responsible for teaching and coordinating the communication skills course for medical undergraduates at Oxford. As well as teaching, I recruit and train tutors and simulated patients who work with the students to improve their communication with patients, mostly through role play. I also develop the curriculum and assessments and provide individual coaching to students who struggle in this area.

Research interests

I am particularly interested in the use of recorded patient experience in medical education and am currently researching whether exposure to patient experience in this way makes a difference to later consultations by students.

Recent Publications

Commissioned posts:

Planning for the peak,


The gaps in our knowledge

Journal articles:

Lorraine M. Noble, Wesley Scott-Smith, Bernadette O’Neill, Helen Salisbury
Consensus statement on an updated core communication curriculum for UK undergraduate medical education.
Patient Education and Counseling, Volume 101, Issue 9, 2018, Pages 1712-1719

Kirkpatrick, S, Locock, L, Farre, A, Ryan, S, Salisbury, H, McDonagh, JE.
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