Stuart-Thompson, Dr Andrzej

Dr Andrzej Stuart-Thompson

Stipendiary Lecturer in Portuguese

Academic background

· BA in Spanish and Portuguese – University of Oxford

· MSt in Modern Languages (Portuguese) – University of Oxford

· DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages (Portuguese) – University of Oxford

· Stipendiary Lecturer in Portuguese at St Anne’s College, Lincoln College, and Merton College – University of Oxford


In 2023-2025, Andrzej will be teaching Portuguese–English prose translation skills to first and second-year undergraduate students, medieval and Renaissance Portuguese literature (FHS Papers VII and IX), 1st-year writing skills seminars, as well as Prelims set texts.

Research interests

His research interests include medieval and Renaissance Portuguese literature; twentieth and twenty-first century Portuguese women’s poetry; and the possibilities for dis-anthropocentric thought emerging from posthumanism, ecofeminism, critical animal studies and plant philosophy. His DPhil thesis examined ambiguous reworkings of epic poetry by Natália Correia, Luiza Neto Jorge and Ana Luísa Amaral in relation to the Portuguese canon, including Luís de Camões and Fernando Pessoa. With Dr Dorothée Boulanger, he is working on ‘Luso-Ecologies’ – a research project which aims to uncover and celebrate ecological expression emerging from diverse Lusophone contexts.

Recent Publications


• (Book chapter forthcoming) ‘Queer Spectrality and Eco-Utopianism: Liberating Marginalized Feminine Voice(s) in Ana Luísa Amaral’s Escuro (2014)’, in The Most Perfect Excess: Essays on the Works of Ana Luísa Amaral, ed. Claire Williams and Maria Luísa Coelho (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2024).

• (Book chapter forthcoming) ‘“Escrever um poema/ escavar uma toca”: inhabiting the world dis-anthropocentrically with the poetry of Adília Lopes’. Estar em Casa com Adília Lopes, ed. Burghard Balstrusch et al. (Lisbon: Editora Documenta/Sistema Solar, 2024).

• (Published article) ‘Ethically Inclined Models of Authorship and Lyric Subjectivity in the Poetry of Adília Lopes’. ELyra: Revista Da Rede Internacional Lyracompoetics, n. 14, Dec. 2019, pp. 19-47, php/elyra/article/view/304.


• (Book chapter forthcoming) Joy, Vaughn, and A. Stuart-Thompson. ‘O Ornitólogo, João Pedro Rodrigues (2016)’, in Naturezae Cinema Português Contemporâneo, edited by Filipa Rosário and José Duarte (Lisbon: Editora Documenta/Sistema Solar, 2024).

• (Book chapter forthcoming) Boulanger, Dorothée, and A. Stuart-Thompson. ‘Postcolonial childhoods, literary filiations? Angolan boyhood narratives in the works of Luandino Vieira and Ondjaki’. Global Portuguese: Legacies of Empire and Acculturation, edited by Shihan da Silva and Stefan Halikowski-Smith (Leiden; Boston: Brill, date tbc).