Tarleton, Professor Ed


Edmund Tarleton

Associate Professor of Engineering Science and Supernumerary Fellow in Maths for Materials 

Email: edmund.tarleton [at] eng[.]ox[.]ac[.]uk

Twitter: @edtarleton

Academic background

Ed is an Associate Professor in the Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering Group in the Department of Engineering Science and leads the modelling activity in the Oxford Micromechanics Group in the department of Materials. He is a Chartered Engineer and completed a DPhil in Materials Science and MSc in Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing at Oriel College, Oxford.


Tutor in: Maths for Materials 1st and 2nd year, P1 Mathematics. Lecturer in: Microplasticity, Intro to Materials ModellingC3 Fracture, C4 Finite Element Method.

Research Interests

Materials Modelling: Discrete Dislocation Plasticity, Crystal Plasticity, Diffusion and fracture.

Recent Publications