Meet the Welfare Team

College Health, Welfare & Disability Support

If you need to talk, we’re here to listen. You can choose to speak to a member of our college welfare team, or a student trained to listen, or to someone else in college who may be able to help you.

College Staff

Dean of Welfare

Rachel Busby

 Available weeks 0-9: Tues 9am-2pm, Weds 9am-2pm, Thurs 9am-2pm

For any welfare concern for yourself or another student, unsure where to access support, family issues including estrangement and concern around returning home for vacation, or if you’re feeling overwhelmed.  

College Nurse

Julie Osborne


Click for online booking 

For medical, physical or mental health, and welfare concerns, e.g. sleep disturbance, contraception and sexual health, anxiety and panic attacks, low mood, depression, suicidal thoughts

Available weeks 0-9: 

Appointments available
Mon 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Tues 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Wed 9:30am – 12:30pm
Thur 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Fri    9:30am – 10:30am

Drop in clinic – no booking required
Tues 2:30pm-4:30pm
Fri 10:30am-12:30pm

Face to face and Microsoft Teams consultations.

Disability Co-ordinator

Sheila Smith

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 274840

For matters relating to disability or ongoing health conditions; exam arrangements; if you have declared a disability or think you need to; or if you have incurred an injury that impacts upon exams or access to your course 

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Available year-round, Monday – Friday

First Floor Hartland House  

Assistant Deans

Ben Verboom, Rob Stagg & Jennifer Cassidy

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 274800 (via Lodge)

For any welfare concern for yourself or another student in the evening 

Available weeks 0-9: Every evening between 7pm-8am on a rota.

Senior Tutor

Shannon McKellar

Shannon is the Senior Tutor and has overall responsibility for the Academic Office and for student welfare and wellbeing, the safeguarding of children with whom we work on outreach activities, and for our vulnerable adults. 

Available year-round, Mon – Fri 9 – 5. 

First floor Hartland House.

College Dean

Don Porcelli

For disciplinary and community issues e.g. if you experience anti-social behaviour or persistent noise issues

Available weeks 1-8

Harassment Advisors

If you feel that you have recently experienced harassment, trained college Harassment Advisors can provide a confidential listening ear, be a sounding board to talk through the issues, clarify the options available to you, and help you put your best argument forward if you decide you want to tell someone else.

Alternatively, the University’s harassment advisor network has advisors available to talk through your situation. A number of named advisors are available who identify as black minority ethnic, or lesbian, gay or bisexual.  

Dr Laura Seymour

Stipendiary Lecturer in English

Harassment Advisor


Dr Ed Bispham

Stipendiary Lecturer in Ancient History

Harassment Advisor


Rachel Busby

Dean of Welfare

Harassment Advisor


Advisors to Junior Members

Fellows of the College who can be contacted for confidential advice on academic matters

Most teaching or study-related issues can be resolved between a student and Personal Tutor (undergraduates) or Supervisor/College Advisor (postgraduates).  Advisors to Junior Members are here to help with any larger problems or if students would prefer to talk to somebody outside of their own subjects.  They can also be consulted by the JCR Committee on academic questions affecting students as a group.

Dr Siân Grønlie

Associate Professor Medieval Literature & English Fellow

Advisor to Junior Members


Dr Graham Nelson

Fellow in Pure Mathematics

Advisor to Junior Members


Diversity Champions

Elsiddig Elmukashfi

Engineering Science

Diversity Champion


Dr Robert Stagg

Associate Senior Member /Assistant Dean

Diversity Champion


Dr Siân Grønlie

Associate Professor Medieval Literature & English Fellow

Diversity Champion


JCR Welfare Reps & Peer Supporters

JCR Welfare Reps 

The welfare reps provide support on a student-to-student level, and signpost you to support from the rest of the welfare network during term-time. We organise relaxed events, and share resources on Facebook and Instagram: @st_annes_welfare. Message us directly if you have any questions or concerns relating to your own or someone else’s wellbeing and need someone to chat to. 

JCR Disabilities Rep

Kaleb Ells


JCR Welfare Rep

Proshanto Chanda


JCR peer supporters

We are students trained to listen and advise on options for further support if you’re homesick, feeling isolated, feeling low or worried or have concerns about any aspect of college life.  We are available in term-time.  Please get in touch via email.

4th Year, English and French

Ruby Gold


3rd Year, English

Absana Rutherford


3rd Year, Classics

Ed Martin


3rd Year, History

Rob Wilkins


3rd Year, History and Spanish

Maya Walker


2rd Year, History

Zab Oliver


2nd Year, Material Science

Harry Myers


3rd Year, Music

Vivian Ng


2nd Year, History

Grace McAllister


2nd Year, Physics

Victoria Santana Santamaria


4th Year, Classics and Sanskrit

Léone Van Den Schrieck


3rd Year, Geography

Ráchel Szebenyi


MCR Welfare Rep & Peer Supporters

Riddhi Jain


MCR Welfare Rep & Peer supporter

Mirela Zaneva


MCR Welfare Rep & Peer Supporter

Daniel Hortelano Roig


MCR Welfare Rep

Julian Kaptanian


MCR Peer Supporter

Nicole Dvorak


MCR Peer Supporter

Peer supporters can be the first point of contact for problems ranging from academic issues to feeling homesick. They can also provide additional welfare information if you want it. Even if everything is okay, peer supporters are available if you just fancy a chat!

Please reach out to us if you would like to talk through any doubts or issues you may have, if you need an impartial, confidential ear to listen.  We also have a range of resources we can refer you to. We are an alternative to talking to college welfare staff, supporting you on a more casual, student level. Note that we underwent training with the Oxford University Counselling Service before taking up our post.  You can email us by clicking the links under our photos to set up a meeting for yourself or on behalf of friends that you are worried about. We can also be found at T@3 (the weekly teas at 3pm on Wednesdays).

JCR Welfare Schemes

Welfare Teas

A great way to unwind and socialise in the JCR, with tea and biscuits

Weekly Drop-ins

A weekly online session where one of the welfare reps or a peer supporters is available in a private space to talk about confidential welfare issues.

Sexual Health Scheme

Anonymously order condoms, pregnancy tests, lube and personal safety alarms free of charge. Your order will be dropped off in a sealed envelope in the pidge room for you to pick up.

Sexual Health Distribution Form


Distribution Scheme

Anonymously order sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups to be delivered to the pidge room labelled with your Bod card number. If a student has a request for a particular product, the women’s rep (Hannah Hopkins) is contactable via email or Facebook

Sanitnary Distribution Form

We organise many other events which vary from term to term, including yoga, puppy petting, massages and more!