Welfare Support During Vacation

Hilary Vacation 2024

As the terms in Oxford are busy and intense, vacations are an important time to take a break, spend time in different environments, see friends, family and loved ones, and to recharge and prepare for the next term.

Vacation times in college have a different feel to term-times, students leave, the dining hall is closed to students, and some services change or close. 

During this vacation, college closes at 17:00 on Thursday 28th March and re-opens at 09:00 on Friday 5th April.  

  This page offers information on the range of health and welfare support available over the vacation.


Accessing Health and Welfare Support in vacation

We hope you all stay well during vacations and enjoy a much-needed break, but should you need medical or mental health support you can find information on where to access help during this time here.

These leaflets include details of closures and changes in service for welfare in college and the university:

University Student Welfare and Support Services

Click here for the University's vacation information

Further information