Body in the Library

Sunday, 11pm.

Having tactically left your essay until Sunday evening, you walk over to Hartland House Library looking for a quiet place to work.  It’s unmanned at weekends but you can still get in with your fob.


The door unlocks.  Inside, you find a cluster of your fellow students at the bottom of the stairwell.  As you get closer, you realise why — there’s a body on the floor.

Someone has already told the lodge and rung emergency services.  As the hazard tape goes up, you take in more of the scene.  The body belongs to a middle-aged woman in a distinctive purple cardigan.  She’s lying on her front and maybe you’ve been watching a few too many episodes of Endeavour but this looks like murder!

Discounting the heavy statue of St Anne and the discarded lead-piping nearby, your eyes land on a hefty lethal looking book, Death & the Regeneration of Life.

No doubt the murderer used it to strike a blow from behind and then ran off into the night.  Perhaps if you can find out more about the book, you’ll be able to solve this crime…

Clue #1

Death & the Regeneration of Life

Click on the SOLO icon to navigate to the catalogue.

Put the book’s title in the search box and then look for it in the list of results (it should be the first or second one).

Click on the title or ‘Find & Request’ and then scroll down to St Anne’s College Library.  SOLO shows you every library in Oxford so you need to make sure you pick the right one!


Once you have found the right SOLO record for the St Anne’s College volume, note down the last THREE letters of the shelf-mark (or call number) and enter them [here] to continue. (Note: the password is case sensitive)