New Video: St Anne’s Academic Review (STAAR)

St Anne’s Academic Review is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by graduates of St Anne’s College, Oxford. The mission of STAAR is to showcase the college’s intellectual activity of the year and give college members the opportunity to develop professional skills in academic publishing as authors or editors.

Members and alumnae of college are invited each year to submit articles to STAAR in any discipline. Where accepted, articles will receive feedback from a team of trained editors before going through an Open Peer Review process involving academics who specialise in the author’s field.

Since its founding in 2009, STAAR has expanded to include creative writing pieces and Spark Reviews on science, culture, and the arts. In 2021, the journal joined forces with St Anne’s MCR Podcast (STAMP) to produce Fresh Academic Voices, an exciting podcast series featuring interviews with five academic contributors from Volume 11.

This new promotional video showcases some of the work STAAR does.

Listen to Fresh Academic Voices on Spotify:

Editor-in-Chief: Ye-Ye Xu

Director/Producer: Daniel Mercieca

Camera/Editing: Nina Mangold