NHS to trial personalised medicine test developed by Honorary Fellow, Prof. Sir Peter Donnelly, and Genomics

We are proud to announce that the NHS is set to trial a “personalised medicine” DNA test developed by Genomics, a biotech company founded and run by St Anne’s Honorary Fellow, Professor Sir Peter Donnelly. The goal is to use the test to identify those whose genes make them more vulnerable to strokes and heart attacks, but whose increased risk is currently invisible according to traditional methods of screening.

Professor Sir Peter Donnelly said: “This represents a real first in personalised medicine. By using genetics we can improve risk prediction for cardiovascular disease so that therapies like statins, as well as lifestyle changes, can be better targeted to the right individuals.” The technology could potentially be used for dozens of other conditions, including breast, prostate and skin cancer, type 2 diabetes and bipolar disorder.

“This pilot study with the NHS will keep the UK at the forefront, globally, in using the power of genomics to drive improvements in healthcare,” Donnelly added.

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