North East Residential at St Anne’s

The University of Oxford is making a push to increase the number of applicants from the North East. To coincide with the University of Oxford Open Days, St Anne’s College invited students from schools in the area to take part in a residential visit to Oxford between 26 and 28 June. St Anne’s transported 38 sixth formers, from 24 different state schools and colleges across Tyne and Wear and Northumberland to the College, providing free accommodation and meals throughout their stay. Two St Anne’s College undergraduate students, who are from the North East – Matthew Kirtley and Esme Curtis – also travelled down with the group.

On arrival at St Anne’s on 26 June, students were given advice on applying to Oxford and how to make the most of the Open Days and a tour of St Anne’s. Current undergraduates organised a number of social activities each evening to give the sixth formers a taste of student life in Oxford. 

Under the University’s regionalisation scheme, St Anne’s College focuses its outreach efforts on schools in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. So far this academic year, St Anne’s has  coordinated and delivered over 40 different outreach events and activities with state school students from the region,  including visits to the North East in October and November 2017 and March and April 2018. During July more St Anne’s undergraduate students will be visiting schools in Tyne and Wear to speak to prospective applicants and inspire younger children to consider applying to top universities in the future.

Lucy Busfield, Outreach Officer

‘We have really enjoyed hosting the Year 12 students at St Anne’s this week and introducing them to Oxford University. For many young people, the cost of travel can be a significant barrier to attending university Open Days. We hope that this fully-funded trip, alongside the many events and activities that we deliver annually in the North East, will help to ‘demystify’ Oxford and show local students that it really could be for them.’

Katie Hogg, Teacher

‘Giving potential applicants particularly those coming from as far away as Newcastle, the opportunity to experience Oxford first hand is invaluable. Those students who would not have been able to make the journey themselves, for whatever reason, have been able to benefit from this programme. I would recommend this residential run again in future.’