Note on the University’s Annual Admissions Statement 2024

The University’s annual Admissions statement has just been published, presenting undergraduate admissions statistics for the University of Oxford between 2019 and 2023. The report provides details of the success rate of UK undergraduate applicants by education, region, ethnicity and socio-economic background, as well as by course and college. It is encouraging to see that steady progress continues to be made to ensure that those with the highest academic potential, from all backgrounds, can realise their aspirations to study here – despite admissions continuing to be increasingly competitive. You can view the full report here.

At St Anne’s, we have just reached the end of our first academic year in which students on the Astrophoria Foundation Year have been members of College. The Astrophoria Foundation Year is a one-year fully-funded foundation programme for UK state school students with significant academic potential, who have experienced severe personal disadvantage and/or disrupted education which has resulted in them being unable to apply directly for an Oxford undergraduate degree programme. St Anne’s is proud to have been among the first colleges to champion the scheme; this year’s Foundation Year students had a representative in the JCR, and have played a full and valuable part in College life.

St Anne’s students bring with them educational experiences from a variety of institutions, ranging from those with limited exposure to Oxford admissions to independent schools, grammar schools, comprehensive schools, sixth form colleges, and academies. Among them, an increasing number represent less advantaged backgrounds, underscoring the ongoing dedication of the College and University to ensure that academically gifted students aspiring to study at the University of Oxford are provided a fair opportunity for admission.

Over the period covered by the report, 17.7% of St Anne’s students admitted from the UK came from areas of socio-economic disadvantage, against a University average of 15.8%, while 17.8% came from areas of low progression to higher education (University average: 15.7%). 6.5% of UK students admitted to St Anne’s had been eligible for Free School Meals. Meanwhile, 72% were from state schools (University: 68%) and 25.5% identified as being of black or minority ethnic origin.

We share this detailed information to provide assurance that St Anne’s is determined to remain true to the proud legacy of our predecessors who over 140 years ago opened an Oxford education to women, whilst securing our future as a College that is truly diverse, forward looking, outward facing, ambitious, rigorous, supportive, and down to earth.