“Oxford for North East” consortium launched, a collaboration between St Anne’s, Christ Church, Lincoln and Trinity Colleges

The University of Oxford intends to strengthen its support for pupils, teachers and parents in the North East of England. The North East contains 4.1% of the UK population, however, the total number of undergraduates admitted to the University from the North East is only 2.3%. Whilst we have made progress in recent years, we know that there is more to be done.


We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Oxford for North East’; a collaborative approach towards Outreach, a consortium composed of Access and Outreach staff from Christ Church, Lincoln, St Anne’s and Trinity Colleges. Together, Oxford for North East will offer pupils and teachers a broad programme of outreach activities that are available both in school and in the region, as well as at the University of Oxford itself.


The aim of Oxford for North East is not only to encourage a greater number of applications to Oxford from the North East of England, but also to increase access to the University of Oxford and other top UK universities for young people of all ages. We are particularly interested in working with groups that are currently under-represented at the University of Oxford, as well as those who have experienced significant barriers to developing their knowledge and understanding of higher education.


Oxford for North East will therefore provide specialist support to teachers, ensuring greater information sharing and better enabling them to support their pupils’ applications to the University. Trinity College has recently employed a full time Teacher Engagement and Access Officer, who is based in the region.


Christ Church and St Anne’s College are also supporting potential applicants to the University of Oxford through their sustained contact outreach programme, ‘Aim for Oxford’, which includes academic taster sessions in the region, a residential and ongoing support throughout the application process.


Christ Church, Lincoln, St Anne’s and Trinity Colleges as Oxford for North East will also continue to provide a North East Residential, a Teacher Residential and sustained contact with schools and students of all ages in the region. Staff from the colleges will also regularly visit the region to provide information and guidance about higher education.


Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach says: ‘Oxford wants to ensure that students from different backgrounds and regions are welcomed to Oxford. This programme will help to support students in the North East to feel Oxford is for them, and I’m looking forward to seeing more academically talented students from this region coming to study at the University.’


Richard Petty, Teacher Engagement and Access Officer for Trinity College is looking forward to working with teachers and students in the region. “Having been brought up and educated in Newcastle, I was struck by how many young people from the region are keen to remain there for higher education or apprenticeships. Through Oxford for North East, we look forward to making Oxford a more visible and attractive offer to prospective applicants from this wonderful part of the world.”


You can find out more information about our Outreach programme, and get in touch with our staff, on the new Oxford for North East website: http://www.ox.ac.uk/oxfordforNE.