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St Anne’s DPhil Student, Nicolas Shiaelis, helps to develop new diagnostic method for COVID-19


Scientists from Oxford University’s Department of Physics, including St Anne’s DPhil student Nicolas Shiaelis, have developed an extremely rapid diagnostic test that detects and identifies viruses in less than five minutes. The method, published on the preprint server MedRxiv, is able to differentiate with high accuracy SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, from negative clinical samples,

St Anne’s Online Michaelmas Term

St Anne’s Virtual Wine Tasting

American Politics and Government, Rebuilding After a Crisis

Black History Month: Tade Thompson

This Black History Month, we have asked members of College to nominate black people who inspire them. Here, Advisory Fellow Tom Ilube nominates author Tade Thompson.

Testing Times: JCR Vice President Bilal Discusses His (Negative) Coronavirus Test and Being in Isolation


I’m not that great at introductions at all, but my name is Bilal. Some of you may know me as the JCR Vice President. Most of you will probably know me from last year, as the guy outside Hussain’s Kebab van every evening waiting for my large cheesy chips with barbecue sauce. But more recently,

Black History Month: Miriam Mikeba

This Black History Month, our College Nurse, Clare Woolcott, nominates Miriam Mikeba.  Clare says: “ Her music was the backdrop to my childhood in Zambia but she was much more than her music.  I have attached her obituary below:

Black History Month: Josephine Baker

This Black History Month, alumna Sue O’Brien (1977)  nominates  Josephine Baker.  Sue says: “On a visit to her former home (The Chateau de Milandes in the Dordogne) I learned a lot more than I had previously known about Josephine Baker. What a life. What a character. From an unpromising beginning in St Louis, Missouri, spending

Black History Month: Mamie Phipps Clark

This Black History Month, Mirela Zaneva nominates a psychologist and activist who inspires her – Dr Mamie Phipps Clark. Mirela says: “There’s a lovely short profile written up for her life and achievements from Columbia here: On a personal note, as a psychology student, she has motivated me to carry out socially meaningful work