Professor Imogen Goold, St Anne’s Fellow and Tutor in Law, delivers first Gresham College lecture of 22/23: “Should We Permit Voluntary Assisted Dying?”

We are pleased to share the link to Professor Imogen Goold’s most recent Gresham Law Lecture as part of a series on Medical Law and Ethics. Professor Goold was appointed Visiting Gresham Professor of Medical Law in 2021.

Should We Permit Voluntary Assisted Dying?

“The English courts have wrestled with challenges to the restrictions on euthanasia and assisted suicide for years, while the government has resisted calls to liberalise the law. Meanwhile, terminally ill people continue to travel overseas to clinics such as Dignitas, to end their lives. Assisted dying raises fundamental questions about respect for individual autonomy, protection of the vulnerable and the role the State should play.

This lecture will explain the law and explore arguments for and against liberalisation.”

You can watch the lecture here.