Professor Imogen Goold, St Anne’s Fellow and Tutor in Law, delivers third Gresham College lecture: “Freezing Eggs and Delaying Fertility: Law, Ethics and Society”

We are pleased to share the link to Professor Imogen Goold’s third Gresham Law Lecture as part of a series on Medical Law and Ethics. Professor Goold was appointed Visiting Gresham Professor of Medical Law in 2021. Before delivering this lecture, she appeared on BBC Woman’s Hour to discuss it.

Freezing Eggs and Delaying Fertility: Law, Ethics and Society

“With the development of new vitrification techniques, egg freezing has become a viable option for women to protect and extend their fertility. Being able to control when to have children can help achieve life-goals. But there are downsides.

This lecture explains the science of fertility and egg freezing, the impact of child-bearing and rearing on women’s educational and employment prospects, and outlines the law on freezing eggs. It will cover the complex issues around the law’s regulation of this practice.”