Professor Syma Khalid to join St Anne’s as Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry

We are delighted to announce that Professor Syma Khalid has accepted the position of Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry at St Anne’s.

Professor Khalid will be joining us from the University of Southampton, where she is currently a Professor of Computational Biophysics in Chemistry.

Professor Khalid’s  research interests are centred around the dynamics of biomolecules in and around biological membranes, with a specific focus on bacterial systems. Her formal training as a chemist combined with her interest in the biological relevance of the systems she studies enables her to adopt a truly multi-disciplinary approach; collaborators include Bert van den Berg (Newcastle), Ben Luisi (Cambridge), Colin Kleanthous (Oxford) and Carol Robinson (Oxford).

A key current area of work for Professor Khalid is to develop molecular models and simulations methods & protocols such that they enable a ‘computational microbiology’ approach to studying bacterial cell envelopes.

Professor Khalid’s international reputation is reflected in the invitations she receives to speak at national and international meetings each year. She has authored over 70 peer-reviewed papers and 6 book chapters. She is chair of HECBiosim. She serves on the management group that leads CCPBiosim and on the management committee of the British Biophysical Society and is on the advisory board of the Rosalind Franklin Institute for the Informatics and Artificial Intelligence Theme.

Professor Khalid was awarded the Suffrage Science award for engineering and physical sciences in 2021.

On her appointment, Professor Khalid said, ”

I am really excited to be joining St Anne’s and look forward to meeting and teaching Biochemistry undergraduates and participating in every aspect of college life.”

We look forward to welcoming her to St Anne’s in due course.