Rabii Malik and Gagan Khurana win Hult Prize regional final

St Anne’s students Rabii Malik (PPE, 2017) and Gagan Khurana (Physics 2017) have been taking part in the Hult Prize competition. The team has been working on a new technology project, called AttAIn, to help provide job opportunities for 50,000 young people in the coming decade; this has been selected as one of the top 40 of 100,000 applicants after they won the London regional final a few weeks ago. Gagan and Rabii with the other two team members have been invited to a 6 week accelerator over the summer to perfect their idea, and if they are within the top 6 teams they will be flown out to the UN headquarters for a chance to win $1M. St Anne’s would like to congratulate them on this achievement and we wish them luck in the next stages.

The Hult Prize Foundation is the world’s biggest engine for the launch of for-good, for-profit startups emerging from university with over 2500 staff and volunteers around the world. Training over one million youth in impact entrepreneurship over the past decade, the movement has deployed more than $50M of capital into the sector. Find out more at (www.hultprize.org)

Find out more about AttAIn:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AttAInOxford

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AttAInOxford/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/attainoxford/