St Anne’s Careers Network

At St Anne’s we inspire and challenge our students to fulfil their academic potential and prepare for future careers. In order to help build up their readiness for the future, we’re asking our alumnae to get involved with our careers network activities (details below).  Want to get involved or find out more? Email 

Michaelmas Term

As most applications for graduate programmes, internships and jobs are available and due prior to Hilary Term, we focus on CV Clinics in the autumn. We will host CV Clinics between weeks 3-6 of the term (October 22-November 15). These typically are held between 5-7pm when hosted in College. If you are interested please let us know your availability during these weeks. Alumnae have the opportunity to host these sessions either in-person in College or via Skype.

Hilary Term 

With most applications having closed, students are usually gearing up for their interviews. As such, we will focus on hosting Informational Interviews for students. These sessions will be held between weeks 2-4 (January 21-February 8); again, with alumnae being given the flexibility to host the session on a date that works best for their diaries. These sessions can be via Skype or in-person in College. These sessions will focus on not only interview practice but also should provide students with the opportunity to ask the alumnae about their career, what happens on a daily basis within their role, etc.

Throughout the year – Career Workshops

These will be primarily driven by alumnae who reach out to College and express interest in discussing a specific aspect of a sector or what life is like within a certain field. While other Careers Network opportunities are a one-to-one session, these workshops will be in small groups with the goal of having 10+ students attending each workshop.

Internships in the long vacation

St Anne’s offers many different internship opportunities which are open only to St Anne’s students and provided by St Anne’s alumnae or friends of College. These internships are primarily posted in late Michaelmas Term, with applications due and the hiring process carried out throughout Hilary Term.