St Anne’s College: Sustainable Investments

You may know...

...that St. Anne’s College has an endowment portfolio to help support its charitable purpose. It is supervised by an investment committee on behalf of Governing Body and managed by independent investment managers.

At around £45 million in value the portfolio is not one of the biggest in Oxford but…

Did you know? 

...that the College stopped investing in all fossil fuel, mining, and armaments companies in June 2020?

...that it has a responsible investment policy?

Read it here

St Anne’s College undertook a Responsible Investment Review its ongoing investment strategy to ensure the College investments better balance the financial needs of the College with longer term sustainability. The investment consultation was launched on 30th January 2020 and asked for student, Fellow and staff input into a future investment strategy for the College. Featuring the College Treasurer, JCR and MCR representatives, the video explains why the review was held, what the outcomes were and how the College has updated its policies in response to the feedback given. You can view the consultation here. 


Did you know?

...that St Anne's has representatives from both the JCR and MCR on its investment committee?

...that through its investment managers it can gain access to some of the world’s largest companies to try to change their behaviour?

...that before COP26 last year it was influential in making Google change its policy on Climate Change Denial posts on YouTube?

If you would like to know more about how the college manages its investments and works with its investment managers, please contact the JCR and MCR Environment reps or view the video below to catch up on our recent Responsible Investment Seminar.