St Anne’s Community Week and Giving Day 2023

Welcome to St Anne’s 5th annual Community Week and Giving Day!

Community Week is centred around giving all of our St Anne’s community, including alumnae, students, staff and supporters, the opportunity to be involved and attend fun and entertaining events. Beginning on Wednesday 8th March, for 36 hours, we will also be holding our 2023 Giving Day where we will be raising funds to ensure that St Anne’s students — with a particular focus this year on graduate and International students — continue to feel supported and that their education remains secure. We will also be raising funds for our Outreach and Access programme, which aims to reach the most disadvantaged young people with the greatest potential, helping them access the opportunities that should be available to them regardless of their background or circumstances.

Find out more here: view our events here:

[note: as of 3/07/2023, the site is no longer live]

You can also see what it’s all about in our video, below!