St Anne’s Honorary Fellow, Professor Peter Ireland, made Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

We are proud to announce that Professor Peter Ireland was elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering last week. Peter is an Honorary Fellow of St Anne’s, and was Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science here from 1988 to 2007.

Peter holds the Donald Schultz Chair in Turbomachinery and is Head of the Oxford Thermofluids Institute. He has dedicated his career to researching the technologies used to cool systems for aircraft propulsion and power generation and now leads a broad portfolio of research programmes ranging from turbine cooling to hypersonic flow.

Peter’s career has been characterised by introducing innovative solutions and has led introduction of many new research activities at Oxford. The Oxford Thermofluids Institute houses the leading hypersonic flow facilities in the UK, as well as a major turbine casing research facility. The group’s activities have diversified to include nuclear fusion cooling and power electronic cooling. He brought pressure sensitive paint technology that he developed whilst at Rolls-Royce to Oxford which is now being used to research high performance films for future jet engines.

Peter joins St Anne’s Fellow, Professor Alan Cocks, as one of four academics from Oxford’s Engineering Science department to have been made FREng this year. Find out more here.