St Anne’s Team Wins 3rd Place in Polo Cuppers

Congratulations to the St Anne’s Polo Team, who have placed third in Polo Cuppers!

The team comprised St Anne’s students Matheus Barra and Elias Lemoniatis, as well as guest player Diana Dunlop (Wadham), all of whom have only recently taken up the sport. The teams that came ahead of St Anne’s were Christ Church (1st) and Wolfson (2nd).

The group played at Oxford Polo, where weekly polo lessons are also offered. This term, teams played arena polo, a kind of polo played in a smaller, sandy arena during the winter season. For Trinity Term they will instead play field polo, the traditional game in a grass field at the same location.

Matheus commented: “The competition was a lot of fun, and Stanners who might want to join, even if absolute beginners, can get more info at, or reach out to me or to the Secretary at”