“Translating Illness” podcast, produced by St Anne’s Lecturer in Italian, Dr Marta Arnaldi, resumes

The latest Translating Illness video podcast – provocatively entitled ‘Narrativity and the Crisis of Evidence’ – explores the role of storytelling and fiction in an evidence-based world. Link here. The podcast is produced and chaired by St Anne’s Lecturer in Italian, Dr Marta Arnaldi.

With Prof Mona Baker (Oslo), world-leading scholar in translation studies, and Eivind Engebretsen (Oslo), Professor in Interdisciplinary Health Science, Vice-Dean of the Oslo Faculty of Medicine, and Academic Chair of Global Health at Circle U. European University Alliance. Baker and Engebretsen have recently published a visionary volume, Rethinking Evidence in the Time of Pandemics (2022), available open access here.

The book moves from, and goes beyond, the scenario of the COVID-19 crisis to ask in what ways the pandemic transformed the ‘specialized issue of what constitutes reliable medical evidence into a topic of public concern’. 

I hope that this episode can be of interest to those of you working in epidemiology, medical ethics, narrative theory, and the history and philosophy of medicine, as well as to those adopting interdisciplinary and/or creative approaches to the study of the humanities, social science, and health sciences.