Information for Lateral Flow Testing in Trinity Term

Start of Trinity term testing 


If you are coming back to live in Oxford after the Easter vacation, you are strongly advised to get tested for COVID-19.

St Anne’s will provide you with two Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests when you return to Oxford.

You should take the first test as soon as possible after you arrive back in Oxford and one three days later.

If you are planning to leave Oxford during term, we would also advise you to take another test at this stage. The test can be sourced at the Lodge.

Who should take the tests


All students are strongly advised to take the tests. This includes postgraduate research students.

You should take them even if you have recently received a negative COVID-19 test result.

You should not take the tests if:

  • You have returned from a country that is not on the travel corridor list
    You should instead self-isolate for ten days. Lateral flow devices cannot be used as part of the Government’s ‘Test to Release’ scheme.
  • You have symptoms of COVID-19
    You should instead book a PCR test via the Early Alert Service and follow the advice you are given when you receive your result.
  • You have had a positive PCR test result in the last 90 days
    If this case, you are likely to have developed some immunity, which means the LFDs are not necessary


Why you should take the tests


Lateral Flow Device tests are an important tool in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

They help detect if you have COVID-19 before you develop symptoms. This

  • Reduces the risk that you will infect others
  • Ensures that those who need to self-isolate do so sooner
  • Reduces the number of people who will need to self-isolate

Large numbers of students taking the tests will ultimately reduce the spread of COVID-19 across the community, help protect vulnerable people and minimise disruption in Hilary term.

While LFDs do not detect every case of COVID-19, if you follow the training carefully and take three tests at the start of term, this will significantly increase the chances that cases are detected – and in particular, cases that are likely to be transmitted to others.


About the tests


Lateral flow devices can be obtained from the Lodge at St Anne’s. They are the same tests that were used in the Christmas Travel Tests. 

All students will take the tests themselves, and online training will be available to support you.

Lateral Flow Test Instructions Pamphlet

A video with an explanation of the Covid-19 test process here

If you need further assistance, please contact Ashley Cadman, who will be happy to provide a demonstration in person. 

You should complete this training if you didn’t do it in Michaelmas or Hilary term. Even if you have already done it, we encourage you to review the materials again to refresh your knowledge.

The tests are delivered by colleges and are overseen by the Testing for COVID-19: Early Alert Service.

Your result will be visible within 30 minutes.

You do not need to book a slot for testing at the start of Trinity term. 

After you take the tests

All tests

If you test positive in any of your LFD tests, you must self-isolate and take a confirmatory PCR test through the Early Alert Service and continue self-isolating until you know the result.

It is crucial that you record the result, via the Early Alert Service form, of each test immediately after the result is visible. This will help the University and the NHS to understand how the virus spreads, helping to protect the community.

Test 1

You should take your test as soon as possible after you arrive in Oxford.

You should limit your social contact and interaction with others until you receive the result.

If you live in college accommodation and test positive, your college will arrange for you to self-isolate away from your household, to limit the spread of the virus.

If the first test is negative, you should continue to be cautious until you have taken your second test.

This means limiting social interactions (but not self-isolating).  You should not take part in in-person teaching or activities such as organised sport at this stage.

Test 2

If your second test is negative, you can take part in in-person teaching, and other activities such as organised sport.

You must continue to adhere to all health guidance and the Student Responsibility Agreement.

If a close contact or household member tests positive

If a member of your household or a close contact tests positive in an LFD test, they will need to take a confirmatory PCR test.

You should self-isolate as soon as you become aware that your close contact has received a positive LFD result.

You should continue to self-isolate until that person has received the result of their PCR test (but continue to take your LFD tests as planned).

If your close contact’s PCR test result is negative, you can stop self-isolating at that point.  If It is positive, you must self-isolate for 10 days.

Please note that this guidance will not apply if you live in college accommodation and the individual with who has tested positive has been asked to self-isolate away from your household and you have not been in contact with them.       


Testing before travelling back to Oxford

If you live in an area in the UK with a community testing programme in place that provides LFD tests, you are encouraged to take one of these tests in your local area before you travel back to Oxford – even if you do not have symptoms. 

If you test positive you must self-isolate at home and not travel back until you have completed your self-isolation.

If your test at home is negative, you can return to Oxford. You should still take the LFDs when you arrive. This is because LFDs only detect infections at a certain point in time.


Testing later in Trinity term


If you are working or studying on site, you are strongly encouraged to  get tested for  COVID-19 twice a week, every week in Trinity term.  This  includes  any member of staff or student who is  accessing University or college buildings, as well as students  resident at their term-time address. 

You should  go to  one of the  University’s symptom-free (LFD) testing centres  to get tested.  These are located  in easy-to-access sites around Oxford and  they  follow  strict safety measures.  The closest one to St Anne’s is at the Radcliffe Infirmary Quarter, a three minute walk from the Lodge. 

Testing is free and convenient, and there will be staff on hand to assist you. 

Regular symptom-free (Lateral Flow Device) testing can  detect whether you have COVID-19  before you develop symptoms.  It is  an important tool in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, and will help to protect the community.   You can book your test here.


I don’t have a college (for example, because I am a visiting or recognised student). How do I get a test?
You should continue to use make of the University Testing for COVID-19 Early Alert Service if you have symptoms of COVID-19 instead of having a LFD test in colleges.

I have a disability which means I am unable to take the tests in the way they have been offered to me. What should I do?
You should speak to your college, and they will provide you with support as appropriate.

Can staff take Lateral Flow Device tests?
Yes — please see information above.

I was offered training and support for the tests in-person before Christmas. Why is this not available in Hilary term?

The model that has been adopted in Trinity term is has been identified as the simplest method to roll out multiple tests to all students on their return to Oxford. Full online training is available to support you taking the tests.