Jones, Dr Suzanne

Dr Suzanne Jones

Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellow in French

Academic background

BA, MSt, DPhil (Oxon)


Undergraduate: Suzanne teaches translation and a range of early modern French literature to undergraduates at St Anne’s. She will also be teaching on the French faculty’s Advanced Translation course for finalists and lecturing on seventeenth-century French comedy.

Research interests

Suzanne’s research centres on seventeenth-century French drama in early modern translation. She has published a book on the first English translations of Molière and she is now working on a new project on tragedy in translation, exploring the ways in which the work of writers such as Corneille and Racine traversed not only geographical, but also generic and social boundaries. She is interested in how French tragedy crossed borders through a range of intermediaries including exiles, actors, dancers, touring theatrical entrepreneurs, prologue- and epilogue-writers, and female translators, all of whom saw the source tragedies as flexible texts which could be shaped by political interests, not merely as a fixed corpus of French national theatre.

Recent Publications

The First English Translations of Molière: Drama in Flux, 1663-1732 (Cambridge: Legenda, 2020)

‘Printing Stage: Relationships between performance, print, and translation in early English editions of Molière’, Early Modern French Studies, 40.2 (2018), 146-65



‘Early Modern English Translations of Molière’, in Jan Clarke (ed.), Molière in Context, Cambridge Literature in Context Series

“If neither faith nor tears nor means can move’: Translating Emotion from Racine’s Bérénice (1670) to Otway’s Titus and Berenice (1676)’, in Nicholas Hammond and Paul Hammond (eds), Racine’s Roman Tragedies (Leiden: Brill Rodopi)

Premières «impressions» : publier Molière dans l’Angleterre du premier XVIIIe siècle’, Littératures classiques, ‘La première réception de Molière dans l’espace européen (1660-1780)’, issue edited by Claude Bourqui, Fabrice Chassot and Bénédicte Louvat