Postal Loans

If you have a residency waiver or can’t make it to Oxford at the moment, we may be able to post books to you.

Check to see if there is an e-book available on SOLO before making a postal loan request.  If you are finding something difficult to read as an e-book, we might be able to post it you anyway.

Remember that we offer a scanning service if you only need to read one chapter.

If you need a book posted to you then:

  1. Complete a Click & Collect request for the books.
  2. Email your postal address to and let us know that you’ve placed your requests via ‘Click & Collect’

Please limit your requests to 2-3 books at a time. We will not be able to post every book on a long reading list to you, so try to concentrate your requests on the most essential texts. If you are not sure which titles are the most essential to read, ask your tutor for advice.  You can place as many requests as you like, but in order to avoid going to the Post Office, we will limit each parcel to 2-3 books so that it is within the weight limit which we can send from the Lodge.

We will not charge you postage for books sent to you but if we recall a book from you for another student we would ask you to pay for the postage and to return the book promptly.