St Anne’s Super-Curricular Club

Would you like to explore your subject in more detail? Or learn about a new subject?

Currently just open to state school students in our link regions of Hillingdon, Southwark and the North East of England, the St Anne’s Super-Curricular Club offers weekly topics, short videos, quizzes and discussions on a wide range of subjects.

From Vaccines and the Immune System to Modern Horror Stories, each week postgraduate students from St Anne’s College produce a new topic relating to their area of research or interest.

Watch a short video, take part in a quiz, explore some suggested further resources or even contribute to a discussion. Where possible, we will also run a livestreamed Q&A on the topic each week.

Left: postgraduate researcher Ciaran and Medicine undergraduate Suna discuss the development of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine and the global impact of vaccines more generally.

St Anne’s Super-Curricular Club is currently running between March and May 2021, with all resources and materials available online afterwards. The full timetable of events can be found above.

If you are in our link regions of Hillingdon and Southwark in London, and or the North East of England, you can still sign up to join the online platform here.

We currently have 450+ students from our link regions signed up to the platform and hope to expand the programme next year to accommodate more students from across the UK.

Right: postgraduate researcher Lara and undergraduate Computer Scientist George discuss machine learning and data science in real world contexts.