Centre for Personalised Medicine

The Centre for Personalised Medicine

The Centre for Personalised Medicine (CPM) is an innovative partnership between the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics (WCHG) and St Anne’s College. It provides an inter-disciplinary environment for the exchange of knowledge, driving forward a more integrated and personalised approach to medicine and healthcare.

Rapid advances and improved affordability of genomic technologies have expanded knowledge of genetic variation and its relevance to human disease. Translating personalised medicine from concept to the clinic requires further science, clinical and policy-based research and continued exploration of ethical, legal and societal implications. Collaboration with academics, policy makers and patient groups and within clinical medicine, healthcare systems and industry is needed. The Centre provides a focal point for this collaboration, facilitating events and bringing together research communities to discuss a personalised approach to diagnosing, treating and managing human disease. The Centre promotes dialogue within these groups. It engages with the undergraduate and postgraduate student body, bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise and collaborating with healthcare professionals, ethicists and policy makers to exchange knowledge and promote discussion about the opportunities and challenges of personalised medicine.

St Anne’s College has a strong presence in the Medical Sciences Division and allied academic disciplines and is committed to developing subjects at the boundaries of traditional disciplines as well as integrating students and researchers at all levels. In line with this, the Centre for Personalised Medicine provides a focus for multidisciplinary collaboration and dissemination of knowledge.