About the College

Our People

A friendly, co-educational community of some 700 students, tutors and staff.

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Our Places

An attractive mix of old and new architecture provides space for living and learning.

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Our History

A tradition of academic excellence and intellectual emancipation.

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St Anne’s is a down-to-earth, friendly and independent-minded college that takes people for what they are. It is modern in its outlook and architecture and open to the world, informal and yet academically demanding. We are one of Oxford’s largest colleges, with some 446 undergraduates and 300 graduates. Our Fellows’ interests range across the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical and Medical Sciences.

We stand, above all, for three principles:


We want to ensure those with the talent to come to Oxford, whoever they are, are not overlooked. We want you to be confident that this is the sort of environment, wherever you come from, where you can be yourselves. We have more students on bursaries than most colleges; our Danson Bursary Scheme, with its own mentoring and internship programme, prepare our students for life after Oxford.


We are a college that encourages intellectual generosity and a sense of solidarity between students; our students who do best work together, learn from each other and make lifelong friends in doing so. St Anne’s students connect across different year groups and help one another when work gets difficult. 

Forward Looking and Far Reaching

We prepare our students for the globally connected society of the future; Oxford undergraduates go on to take roles across the world. We are an international community; we are proud of the diversity of our students. They come from widely different social and cultural backgrounds, from across the United Kingdom, from Europe and the rest of the world. We have strong links with South East Asia, Hong Kong and the United States.

Our Professors take a full part in graduate and undergraduate life. Our library is recognized as one of the biggest in Oxford and is used by both undergraduates and graduates. We take our responsibilities for the welfare of our students extremely seriously. There is a large welfare team. Most of our undergraduate students choose to live in College throughout their time here. We offer a wide range of graduate scholarships and can offer graduate accommodation to half of our graduates; we have opened a new graduate study and social centre.