Anti-Racism Workshops

We would like to invite members of St Anne’s academic community, JCR, MCR and SCR, to attend an anti-racism workshop run by members of St Anne’s.


JCR – Tuesday 1st March, 5.30pm (MOLT)

SCR – Wednesday 2nd March, 1.15pm (UCR)

MCR – Thursday 3rd March, 5.30pm (MOLT)


Who are the speakers?

The speakers are (1) Taiwo Lawal (4th year Engineering Student), (2) Katherine Lai (2nd year History and Politics and the JCR’s BAME Rep). They will be supported by Shivani Chivukula (Classical Languages and Literature and the MCR’s BAME Rep).  The workshop is developed (together with students) and supervised by Dr. Elsiddig Elmukashfi (he will also support during the workshop).


What will the event cover?

The workshop covers important aspects of racial awareness. Particularly, it covers the core concept of racism, race denial, race at Oxford, racism at the international level, and provide anti-racism training. Ultimately, we believe that the workshop content is positive and proactive which will maximise engagement and gives everyone opportunity in creating racism-free space.


What is it for?

The aim is to raise race awareness among Stanners, help developing racism-free space and promote equality.