Plumer Society: Talk & Lunch with Professor Stuart Robinson

Geological perspectives on climate change: from the Radcliffe Camera to the IPCC.

We are delighted to announce that the next Plumer Society event will be held in College on Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

Professor Stuart Robinson, the St Anne’s Professor of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy and Tutorial Fellow in Earth Sciences will be giving a presentation of his latest research on Climate Change & Geology. For more information on Professor Robinson, please click here. 

The day will begin with tea/coffee in College, followed by Professor Robinson’s lecture and then a buffet lunch with Principal Helen King QPM. The event is open to friends & family, so please do bring a guest!

Please register your interest by completing this form here.

Abstract: It has long been recognised by geologists that Earth’s climate has changed over timescales of thousands to millions of years. Understanding the record and drivers of these past changes informs our knowledge of the environmental history and biotic evolution of our planet but also provides insights into ongoing, and future, anthropogenically-forced, climate change. Critically, the range of past climate states represented in the geological record allow us to probe the major controls and mechanisms that affect climate over a range of atmospheric CO2 levels. This allows us to offer perspectives on Earth system variables that are critical to predicting future climate change, such as climate sensitivity to CO2 (the amount of global warming that will occur in response to a doubling of atmospheric CO2). This talk will explore some of the ways that geologists reconstruct past climates and discuss examples of how the geological past can contribute to predictions of the future through engagement with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

Please note that this event is only open to members of The Plumer Society – For more information on the society or leaving a gift to St Anne’s in your Will, please click here.