St Anne’s Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience

All St Anne’s alumnae and students are warmly invited to join us for a Virtual Chocolate Tasting Experience hosted by Cocoa Runners.

During this tutored tasting, you’ll discover the ways to understand the difference between taste and flavour, astringency and bitterness, and what causes the different textures in chocolate. You’ll have the opportunity to compare nine different chocolate bars, trying them one after another, and seeing how the upfront flavours develop and how they evolve. The Virtual Tasting will take you on a guided tour of how chocolate is grown and crafted (from the cocoa tree to the final bar) – delving into the wacky history and incredible socioeconomic impact of chocolate along the way.

To attend the event, please register by emailing To purchase your Chocolate Tasting Kit please visit the Cocoa Runners website here (ideal for 1-2 people). Or if you require a Family-sized kit (ideal for 3-6 people), please purchase your kit here. When ordering your kit please enter the coupon code CRCORPSAO at checkout (please note that this is not a discount code, rather it links your order to the St Anne’s event). You do not need to sign up for any virtual tastings through the Cocoa Runners website, to register for this event please email To ensure that you receive your tasting kit in time for the event, please order by 15th February.

If you would like to join the virtual tasting but would prefer not to purchase the tasting kit please let us know.

Please see our FAQs for our Events and Cancellation Policy.

This event is being held as part of St Anne’s Community Week and Giving Day. To find out more information about our Giving Day please visit our Giving Day page.