Subject Family Event: English Literature: Form and Feeling

Join us for a friendly and informal evening of drinks and discussion!

 We are pleased to invite you to the Trinity 2022 English Subject Family Event, “Form and Feeling”. Three members of the English cohort at St Anne’s, ranging across undergraduate, graduate, and tutor level, will offer short talks on their ongoing research, and the floor will be open for further conversation before a drinks reception and dinner.

 The event will be run on relaxed principles: you are welcome to use the space as you feel comfortable.

 Speaker and Papers

 Bronwyn Riani, “The Neurodivergent Hero”

 Rose Zhang, “The Melancholic Voice in Autobiographical Fiction: A Comparative Study of Jean Rhys and Yu Dafu”

 Robert Stagg, “Shakespeare’s Bombast”



Talks and discussion: 5.30 pm, Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre

Drinks reception: 6.30 pm, Ruth Deech Foyer A

Buffe dinner: 7 pm, Ruth Deech Foyer B


Attendance is free and open to all, but we ask that you register your attendance on the St Anne’s dining portal, by booking “Dinner – Subject fam SCR” by 11 am on Monday 9th May.