Want to know more about University?

Whether you are deciding whether or not to apply to University, or just want to know more about what University is, and how Oxford is different, then we hope the resources here will help you with your decision.

The video opposite is aimed at Key Stage 2-3, but gives a good explanation of what University is, and how Oxford is different.

Follow the links for more detailed information about Oxford and applying to Oxford.

Want to find out more?

We think these resources from The Brilliant Club are fantastic and really helpful for anyone aged 11-16 who might want to find out more about University life, as well as what being a University student is like. They also include a Q&A video with some student ambassadors. Check them out!

We regularly partner with The Brilliant Club throughout the year, which a great opportunity for schools to come and visit the University of Oxford and St Anne’s College.

You can also find loads more useful resources for exploring subjects or studying at home on our Resources page.

What is an Oxford College?

Colleges are one of the features that we think make Oxford so special – they’re a home away from home, a chance to meet people from lots of different subject areas and from across the world.

Is there a college for each subject?
Most colleges offer most subjects, but there is no ‘English college’ or ‘Maths college’.

Can I change college?
The college you apply for might be different to the one where you are offered a place, but normally once people are a member of a college, they are a member for life. And everyone loves the college where the end up, regardless of whether they originally applied there!

You can find out more about the different colleges at Oxford here, although, of course, we think St Anne’s is the best!