Being Human Festival: Crises in the Caribbean – stories from Montserrat and St Vincent

This event brings together stories from people who have lived through volcanic crises on the Caribbean islands of Montserrat and St Vincent, shared through film and the spoken word. We will showcase some of the creative outputs from Montserrat and St Vincent which have developed from our collaborative projects, ‘Changing Landscapes’ and ‘Curating Crises’ ( This is  part of the national ‘Being Human’ festival, which this year is exploring how we make sense of the world via Rhyme and Reason!

Join us for three short films from St Vincent (the Over the River Chronicles) ; and a new film (“Roots N’ Stars: Exploring Montserrat’s volcanic legacy, painting the path to tomorrow”). The Vincentian films were created by people from several of the communities most affected by the volcanic eruption of 2021. The new film from Montserrat  is by Jerely Browne (attending in person). Roots N’ Stars documents the creation of a series of community murals which tell the stories of the recent history of Montserrat, following the volcanic eruptions of 1995-2010. This will be followed by a discussion and storytelling session with Montserratian and Vincentian writers, poets and the filmmakers.

This is free event, as a part of the national festival of the humanities: just sign up here  (includes handy location map for Hackney Picture House)! We’re sure you’d always wanted to attend a  Film Premiere – now you can!

Co-ordinator: David Pyle (Fellow in Earth Sciences, St Anne’s College).