Disability History Month

Disability History Month 2023

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The Madness of Adam and Eve : How Schizophrenia Shaped Humanity / by David Horrobin
104 / 140
Ill Feelings / by Alice Hattrick
362.1 HAT:Ill
Brilliant Imperfection : Grappling with Cure / by Eli Clare
362.4 CLA:Bri
A Cultural History of Disability
362.4 CUL v.1-5
The Story of Pain : From Prayer to Painkillers / by Joanna Bourke
612.88 BOU:Sto
Unwell Women : a Journey Through Medicine and Myth in a Man-Made World / by Elinor Cleghorn
613.04 CLE:Unw
The Empire of Depression : a New History / by Jonathan Sadowsky
616.85 SAD:Emp
Neurotribes :the Legacy of Autism and How to think Smarter About People Who Think Differently / by Steve Silberman
616.858 SIL:Neu
Shell Shock : Cinema, Weimar culture, and the Wounds of War / by Anton Kaes
791.43 KAES:She
The Quiet Ear : Deafness in Literature / edited by Brian Grant
808.8 GRA:Qui
Richard III's Bodies from Medieval England to Modernity : Shakespeare and Disability History / by Jeffrey R. Wilson
822.24 / 318
Performing Disability in Early Modern English Drama / edited by Leslie C. Dunn
822.3 / 84
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