Trans Awareness Week

Trans Awareness Week 2023

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Conundrum / by Jan Morris
303.5 MOR:Con
Invisible Lives : the Erasure of Transsexual and Tansgendered Peopel / by Viviane K. Namaste
303.5 NAM:Inv
Trans Power / by Juno Roche
303.5 ROC:Tra
Undoing Gender / by Judith Butler
303.51 BUT:Und
Uncomfortable Labels : My Life as a Gay Autistic Trans Woman / by Laura Kate Dale
303.53 DAL:Unc
Representing Trans : Linguistic, Legal and Everyday Perspectives
306.7 HAZ:Rep
Female Husbands : a Trans History / by Jen Manion
306.7 MAN:Fem
Exile and Pride : Disability, Quernees, and Liberation
362.4 CLA:Exi
The Wrong End of the Telescope / by Rabih Alameddine
815 ALAM:Wro
Overflow / by Travis Alabanza
822.82 ALA:Ove
Out of the Ordinary : a Life of Gender and Spiritual Transitions / by Michael Dillon
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