LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month 2024

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Bisexuality in the Modern World Eva Cantarella
303.53 CAN:Bis
Queering the Renaissance Jonathan Goldberg
303.53 GOL:Que
British queer history new approaches and perspectives Brian Lewis
303.53 LEW:Bri
Feeling backward loss and the politics of queer history
303.53 LOV:Fee
Masculinity, class and same-sex desire in industrial England, 1895-1957
303.53 SMI-H:Mas
No modernism without lesbians
303.53 SOU:Nom
Getting medieval sexualities and communities, pre- and postmodern
306.7 DIN:Get
The secret diaries of Miss Anne Lister
306.7 LIS:Sec (1)
Female husbands a trans history
306.7 MAN:Fem
How to survive a plague the story of how activists and scientists tamed AIDS
616.979 FRA:How
Queer London perils and pleasures in the sexual metropolis, 1918-1957
942.11 HOU:Que
Self a study in ethics and endocrinology
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