Mitsubishi Research Institute Internship

Based in Tokyo, Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) assists ministries and local governments in research, survey analysis and policymaking; and also provide consulting services for Japanese and multinational enterprises in strategic planning, R&D, business development, work restructuring and organizational development.


For summer 2024, MRI are offering two St Anne’s students internships from a choice of 16 different business units, including Healthcare, Energy and Sustainability, and Societal Infrastructure. 

Examples of work undertaken during the internships are bibliographic surveys, case research, quantitative data collection, data analysis, document preparation, discussion, presentations etc.
The division and research topic will be decided by the intern’s degree and interest through the screening process.

Who can apply:

  • Undergraduates ideally in their final year, graduates and postgraduates studying any subject.
  • Those who have experience, knowledge, or interest in consulting/think-tank businesses
  • Those who have research experience, knowledge, or interest regarding the fields shown in one of the business units listed in the document mentioned below (for e.g. Digital Transformation, Green Transformation, Human Capital etc.)
  • Those who have intellectual curiosity, interest in society, logical thinking ability, cooperativeness & leadership.
  • Those who have an ability to communicate in Japanese language (essential) and have an interest in Japan.

Internship details:                                          

  • Period: 2 weeks from 23 August – 6 September 2024 (fixed dates)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Remuneration: 50 USD per day
  • Accommodation: provided and paid for by MRI
  • Flights: partially covered by College, students would need to contribute

How to apply:

In the first instance, please request an information sheet from Christine Robertson ( which lists the different business units on offer at MRI.

Once you have the information sheet, the following documents need to be emailed to Christine Robertson ( by 19th January 2024 (Friday of Week 1 Hilary term):

  1. Cover letter explaining: your interest in the internship and how your skills and experience may assist you in the role (maximum 1 side A4 equivalent). Please select at least 2 research fields (business units) that you would like to focus on during the internship and be as specific as possible. In your cover letter please explain why you are interested in such fields. Please also explain the level of experience/knowledge you have in those fields (e.g., how many years you have studied on that field, any academic papers you have written, any business experiences at related companies, etc.) This information helps MRI to find a suitable division/project for you.  Please also confirm that you are free on the internship dates.
  2. Up to date CV (maximum 2 sides A4 equivalent)
  3. Reference sent directly from your Personal Tutor / College Advisor / Course Supervisor.


If you have any questions, please email Christine Robertson via who will be happy to help.


“I worked in the Social Safety and Industrial Innovation Unit (SSU), as this most closely aligned with my current studies and interests, but also features very different aspects that I hadn’t considered before, such as market research and policy writing. As such, this experience has really opened my eyes to the strides currently being made to support international efforts to move towards Net Zero and clean energy sources. This experience has allowed me to much more acutely understand the difference in working ethic and has given me a greater appreciation for Japanese culture.”  Emily Wackan, Materials Science, MRI intern 2023.

“I found the internship stimulating, I was never bored, I felt like my voice was listened to throughout and the experience was cultivated to meet my needs – overall, great fun and a great opportunity to develop some professional skills that will doubtless prove useful long after I have graduated from Oxford.”  Adam Collins, Japanese Studies, MRI intern 2022

“I joined MRI for an internship with the SSU (Safety and Industry Division) and completed a project on nuclear waste record management systems. Although I was previously unfamiliar with the field of nuclear energy and record management strategy, my supervisors were incredibly supportive and gave me invaluable feedback throughout the process, eventually enabling me to present my findings and ideas during a final presentation and discussion.”   Megan Scott, Japanese Studies, MRI intern 2022

‘I gained a lot from doing the internship at MRI. I now have a greater understanding of the work that goes on in a consulting company and understand the similarities and differences between how a company as such compares to research in an academic environment.’  Juliette Westbrook, Experimental Psychology, MRI intern 2019.