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The Outreach Team at St Anne's College hosts school visits from state schools in our link regions of Hillingdon and Southwark in London and the North East of England throughout the year, as well as arranging opportunities to visit state schools in our link regions. We offer a wide range of talks and workshops relating to Higher Education, the University of Oxford and critical thinking resources.

You can view a brochure of our school workshops and activities here. We are also happy to adapt any of these to your students and their requirements. If you would like to start arranging a session with us then please fill out the Outreach Event Request Form or email us.

Below you can also find useful information and guidance for university applications, and advice on how best to support your students.

If you are a teacher or adviser in one of our link regions, you can also join our mailing list of opportunities and events in Oxford and in your region.

Important Notice for Schools about Admissions Tests:

For applications in 2023, schools will need to re-register as test centres by Friday 15th September. This is because the University of Oxford has changed the provider of its admissions tests, and so schools must re-register with this new provider, TCS, even if you have previously run Oxford admissions tests, or are already a Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing centre.

Please note that the student test registration deadline of 29 September has also now passed. Please ask students to check that they have received email confirmation of their test registration, together with their test registration ID and login details (username and password) for the online test platform. If you believe they have missed the test registration deadline, please follow our online guidance on registering candidates via as soon as possible and remember to include any requests for access arrangements.

What We Do

Our Work with Schools

If you would like to arrange some activities with St Anne's Outreach – whether that would be an online session, a visit to us, or a visit from us to your school – please email:, or call us on 01865 274825, or complete our request form.

If you are looking for resources to help with teaching at home, or to use in online classrooms, please visit our  Super-Curriculars and Resources page.

For full details of our work in Outreach, take a look at our brochure – there might be some events that you think could work perfectly in your school!

St Anne's Outreach Brochure
School Group Tour

Visits To St Anne's

Perhaps the most exciting parts of our work – for both us and the students – are the visits from schools to St Anne's here in Oxford. We provide a range of Discovery and Taster Days from KS2-5 and can make each day bespoke to your school's needs.

Typically a KS3-4 Discovery Day also includes a museum visit, while a KS5 Taster Day will include an academic taster session and a tour of a second college also.

Jackie in Schools

Visits From St Anne's

We make regular trips to our link schools in Hillingdon, Southwark and the North East, delivering a wide variety of sessions for students of many ages. Visits to your school also allow us to interact with entire yeargroups, as well as smaller-group workshops ranging from critical thinking to debating and oracy.


Online Sessions

For many schools, particularly our link schools in the North East, it can often be more convenient to get involved in our Outreach programmes online, at least to begin with. These virtual sessions involve just the same content as the presentations we give in-person, and can be a great introduction to a school before we arrange in-person visits.


Teacher Training CPD

As well as providing information and guidance for students, we also offer training and refresher sessions for teachers and school staff to help you advise your students. These include the latest updates on UCAS and teachers references, preparing students for admissions tests, delivering mock interviews, giving general guidance for Oxbridge applicants, and more.

Advising Your Students

Helping with Applications

Supporting your students through their applications to universities and other Higher Education routes can be confusing and often overwhelming – especially since the process can vary so much between universities.

That's why we've put together the resources and guidance below to help guide you – and your students – through the application process, particularly making Competitive Applications to institutions like Oxford. This timeline takes you through the resources that can help boost their applications, teachers' references, and finally the specifics of making an Oxbridge application.

If you are looking for advice for your students directly, please refer them to our For Students page.

For Students Page
Experience Oxford as a Student


UNIQ is the University of Oxford's largest Access Programme, providing support and guidance for students with high academic potential from backgrounds that are under-represented at Oxford. The programme consists of a residential here in Oxford during the summer at the end of their Year 12, and sustained online support for the admissions process through Year 13.

Not only is this an incredibly valuable opportunity to help your students' applications, UNIQ offers an enjoyable opportunity for them to learn more about Oxford and their subject while getting a taste of the Oxford student experience.

Learn more about UNIQ
Astrophoria Slide
Have they considered...

Astrophoria Foundation Year

The Astrophoria Foundation Year is fully-funded with lowered entry requirements, allowing students who pass that year to progress onto the standard-entry course. The programme is specifically for state school students with high academic potential but who have faced disruption in their education. Find out more here.

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Beyond the Classroom


We've created a bank of resources (as well as links to other colleges' resources) to help your students learn more about their subjects independently, but these are also great resources for teaching outside the syllabus in your classrooms.

Not only are super-curriculars a great way to boost your students' applications and make their personal statements stand out, these will allow them to explore aspects of their favourite subjects further and in more detail, and should be genuinely enjoyable in the process. Point your students in the direction of these resources for them to discover and explore what interests them most.

Further reading, useful websites, Oxford-specific events and so much more!

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Helping with...

Personal Statements

Prospective applicants need to have submitted their UCAS applications by mid-October (16th October for 2024 entry applications) and therefore need to have their personal statements ready by then.

Some prefer to work on theirs in short but frequent bursts, whereas other prefer to sit down for a few extended periods of time. Typically, schools will recommend that students begin drafting their personal statements before the summer between Years 12 and 13, so here are some resources to help in the run up to the deadline.

See our Overview

Teachers' References

To try and make the Teacher's Reference a more effective tool for providers, UCAS have introduced some changes to the structure and information required about the student and their school. From 2023-24  entry cycle UCAS will replace the free text reference with three structured questions. For those who we haven't organised a session with, here is our presentation for Teachers on the new references.

For teachers wanting more specific guidance on writing these new references, you can sign up for one of our online Teacher Training CPD sessions by email or phoning 01865 274825.​ If you think others at your school would also benefit from one of these sessions, please email or fill out our event request form and we may be able to arrange an in-person CPD session in your school.

How to guide...

Oxbridge Applicants

If you have students who are thinking of (or are already) applying to Oxford and other competitive universities, it can be more difficult advising them since the processes aren't as simple as typical UCAS applications. We've created a timeline of the entire Oxbridge application process on our For Students page, so if you're ever unsure of any step in the process then you can familiarise yourself there, as well as direct your students toward it for their own queries. Each section also has links to the University's pages, which have the full details and official regulations and advice.

Oxbridge Applications Timeline
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Teachers' Newsletters and Forums

To keep in touch, please sign up for our Teachers' Newsletter, where we send out roughly monthly updates on the weork we're doing, opportunities for your students to get involved in (such as competitions, work experience, admissions test practice), and events for you to join, such as our Teachers' Forums.

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Teacher Training CPD

As well as working with students, we recognise the longer-term impact our work can have by training teachers to help your students across many cohorts. This is why we run regular Teacher CPD sessions both to train and refresh teachers on the latest advice and guidance for you and your students. For example, we run sessions on the new UCAS Teachers References, since they have changed for the 2023-24 round of applications onward, as well as some interview training on how to deliver up-to-date, accurate and useful mock interviews to well-prepare your applicants.

If you would like to arrange a teacher training event in your school, or would like to join one of the regional events, then please get in touch or sign up to our newsletter.

Regional Work

Our three link regions are Hillingdon, Southwark (both London) and the North East of England (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead, Northumberland, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, and Sunderland) – and we appreciate that each region has entirely different needs and experiences with Higher Education and Oxford. That’s why we tailor our work to every school we work with in each of these areas.

In Oxford: Discovery and Taster Days

We also offer a number of dates throughout the year for state schools in our link regions to visit the college, to experience life as a student and find out more about studying at Oxford. You can request a visit through our schools booking form here.

The timetables below give a rough idea of how a typical Discovery or Taster Day runs, but we are of course always happy to amend timings and sessions to suit your school best, based on what your students need most.

If you have any particular ideas for sessions you would be interested in us running with your school, please get in touch to discuss and organise these by emailing us at or by calling 01865 274825.

KS4 Year 9/10 Discovery Days


10:00-10:15 – Arrive at St Anne’s College 

10:30-11:30– Information, advice and guidance session (focusing on the Russell Group, Oxford, GCSEs, A Level choices and careers) 

11:30-11:45 – Refreshments 

11:45-12:30 – Tour of College and Q&A with current undergraduate students 

12:30-13:15 – Lunch in the dining hall 

13:15-14:30 – Interactive session at an Oxford University Museum 

15:00 – Wrap-up, final questions and depart from St Anne’s College  

KS5 Year 12/13 Taster Days


10:00-10:15 – Arrive at St Anne’s College 

10:30-11:30 – Information, advice and guidance session (focusing on Oxbridge and Russell Group applications) 

11:30-11:45 – Refreshments 

11:45-12:45 – Academic taster session (we will aim to provide a choice of subject sessions, which will typically be one STEM and one Humanities session) 

12:45-13:30 – Lunch in the dining hall 

13:30 -14:00 – Tour of College and Q&A with current undergraduate students 

14:15-14:45 – Tour of a second Oxford College  

15:15 – Wrap-up, final questions and depart from St Anne’s College  

In Your Region: Talks, Workshops and More

We offer a variety of talks and workshops for state schools in our link regions (North East of England, Hillingdon and Southwark). We regularly spend a week in the North East visiting schools. You can request a visit through our schools booking form here.

Higher Education Explained – Exploring university and what it is like to live and study there.

Oxplore Workshops – using resources from the Oxplore website, these workshops promote critical thinking, reasoning and debate.

University and Future Choices – GCSEs, A levels and how they link to university courses and careers.

Why University, Why Oxford – the purpose of university, finances, myth-busting and an introduction to the University of Oxford.

Oxplore Workshops – using resources from the Oxplore website, these workshops promote critical thinking, reasoning and debate.

Making a Competitive Application to University – what competitive universities are looking for, introducing super-curricular activities, information about Oxford and Cambridge.

Oxford and the Application Process – an Oxford and Cambridge-specific session, explaining how to apply, choosing a course and choosing a college.

Super-Curricular Activities Workshop – what they are, where to find them and how to make the most of them.

Personal Statement Workshop – suitable for students considering competitive applications, Oxford and Cambridge – advice, guidance and tips.

Oxplore Workshops – using resources from the Oxplore website, these workshops promote critical thinking, reasoning and debate.

Personal Statement Workshop – suitable for students considering competitive applications, Oxford and Cambridge – advice, guidance and tips.

Admissions Test Workshops – offering information and guidance about how best to prepare for Admissions Tests.

Interview Workshops – During October-November, we run a number of interview workshops for state schools in our link regions. We ask schools to host these visits, and students from across our link regions are welcome to attend.

Teacher CPD/IAG – how to support an Oxford or Cambridge applicant: the application process, writing teacher references and personal statements, admissions tests and interviews. Q&A with an Outreach Officer.

Parent/Carer Engagement and Information – Applying to Oxford or Cambridge, supporting an applicant, the application process and Q&A with an Outreach Officer.

Online: Talks, Workshops and More

As part of our response to the continuing situation around remote-working and social-distancing, we are also happy to offer online webinar versions of our standard talks and workshops (as below) to state schools or groups of students in our link regions.

If you are looking for resources to help with teaching at home, or to use in online classrooms, please visit our Resources page. If you would like an online “visit”, please email: or complete our request form.