(1914 - 2005)

Jenifer Hart

Jenifer Hart (1914-2005) read History at Somerville. A brilliant success in the home Civil Service exam in 1936 was followed by eleven years’ distinguished service in the Home Office. In 1947 she left the Civil Service to join her husband Herbert Hart in Oxford. After work for the Delegacy of Extra-Mural Studies she became the first ever Gwilym Gibbon Research Fellow (a fellowship specifically designed for present or past civil servants) at Nuffield College. In 1952 she succeeded Mary Leys as Modern History Fellow at St Anne’s, where she continued until her retirement in 1981. A committed “College person”, she flung herself into teaching, research, and administration with great enthusiasm and skill. Her academic interests were always on the borderline between history and social sciences, and she took charge of Politics teaching for PPE as well as Modern History, and wrote and lectured on the history of the Police, on local government, and on proportional representation. Consistently committed to radical social and political values, she was active in various movements for reform and modernisation in College, University, and City.