(1909 - 1996)

M. Elaine Griffiths

Elaine Griffiths (1909-1996) matriculated as a Home Student in 1928. After taking her degree in English she undertook research under the supervision of J.R.R. Tolkien, developing the interest in Old English Philology which was at the heart of her work. Her teaching career began with tutorials for the residents at the Home Students’ Catholic hostel, Cherwell Edge. She became Tutor (later Fellow) in English in 1938, and during her long St Anne’s career undertook many College offices. On the University level she was Chair of the English Faculty Board and a member of the General Board. One of a great teaching trio with Kirstie Morrison and Dorothy Bednarowska, she shared with her colleagues a total commitment to teaching as the essence of a college Fellow’s work, and like them she is remembered with enormous gratitude and affection by her students.